“My weight gain was so gradual, I didn’t even notice. It just snuck up on me and when I couldn’t button my pants, I realized it had gone too far. I didn’t feel good because of my weight. And because I didn’t feel good, I didn’t want do anything to make myself look good. I never did my hair, so I never did my makeup. And because I didn’t do my hair and my makeup, I didn’t have cute clothes. I thought if I didn’t feel cute, why should my clothes look cute? I was running around looking like someone who really let herself go. Before PACE Express, I was kind of shy and I didn’t really want to talk to people. I’d go to parties with my friends and I’d just kind of sit in the corner. I’d keep my head down and wouldn’t do anything to draw attention to myself. Now with PACE Express, I’ve lost 17 pounds of pure fat and 23 inches throughout my whole entire body: four in my waist, almost seven in my hips and over three in my thighs. My friend actually just had her birthday party a couple weeks ago and I went to it. I was talking to new people and socializing. I felt confident and I felt good about myself. My friend actually said to me after the party that she was surprised I stayed so long and that I was talking to people I didn’t know. Now I finally feel young and I feel fun.”
* Results may vary.


Ana A

“I got out of shape when I had my kids. I had my kids when I was 20 and 22 years old. I’m too
busy to do an hour. I tried to do an hour for many years and it just doesn’t work like that. With
PACE Express I was able to lose a total of 22 pounds, seven inches off my waist, five inches off
my hips, and I went from a size 13 to a size three. Now I look at those size 13s and I can’t
believe they used to fit me tight. I feel like I’m 20 years old. And I’m just ready to live my life!”
Lost 22 lbs., 7 inches off waist, 5 inches off hips
Went from size 13 to size 3

Diane W

(older African American woman):

I’ve never been an insecure woman. But you know when you get that weight on you, you kind of
find yourself falling back. With PACE Express I have lost a total of 33 pounds, 13 inches off of
my hips, and five inches each off of my thighs. They were huge. My body was huge. I feel
younger. I do. I feel like I have way more energy than I’ve ever had. The diva is back.”
Stats: lost 33 pounds, 13 inches off of my hips, and 5 inches off each thigh


(young very heavy Black man, lost 150 lbs, plaid shirt):

“Six months ago I was 382 pounds and afraid of where I’d be in five years. I’d always been
overweight throughout my childhood, teen years and my early 20s. And I felt like the major
years of my life were being robbed from me. Then I came across PACE. I tried all the fad diets
in the past, and wasn’t thinking PACE was going to work for me. But then I thought, ‘what if?’
So I tried it and I started noticing my body was changing. I was feeling better, too. Today I have
lost 149 pounds total and I’m so glad that I took a chance on a new way of thinking… and
chance on myself.”

Stats: Went from a size 56 jeans down to a size 38
Lost total of 149 lbs, lost 86.7 inches, lost 119.23 lbs of fat, 25.4% of body fat lost

Drew T.

(tall white man with goatee):

“PACE Express has now taken the place of all that old, let’s call it, fitness garbage, out there like
you have to do this or you have to do that. Or the extreme this or the, you know, none of that
stuff has been as efficient for me as the PACE Express program. With PACE Express, I’ve lost
36 pounds. With 12 minutes a day on PACE Express, now I get all this, that’s it. “
Stats: Lost 36 lbs.


“I’m 46 years old. I have five children and I’m busy all the time. I wanted to do more things. But
I just didn’t have the energy. I’d gone to doctors and they did blood work and they said, ‘There’s
nothing wrong with you.’ But I still felt exhausted. I’ve done all the weight-loss programs you
can think of that are out there in the market. On one I actually gained weight!

With PACE Express, I’ve lost 27 pounds of fat, five inches off my waist, six inches off my hips,
and five inches off of each thigh. I went from a size 14 to a size four. I don’t have the beer belly
anymore. That’s gone. Don’t have to buy clothes and hide my arms. Now I can show it off!”

Stats: Lost 27 lbs of fat, lost 5 inches off my waist, 6 inches off my hips, 5 inches off each thigh
Size: Went from size 14 to size 4

Robin D

“When I first started I was morbidly obese. I was unhealthy and I didn’t know it. The pizzas, the
beer, the sitting on the couch and watching TV…it just, that didn’t work for my body and it
gained on my very quickly.

I definitely realize now that I was emotionally eating. I tried to stick to some of the diets that
people said, oh try this diet. Just never worked for me.

I could’ve had surgery years ago. I never wanted to. I always believed that there was a way to do
this naturally. With PACE Express I have lost 49 pounds, over 9 inches on my hips, 4 inches in
each thigh. I went from a size 20 to a size 12.

My husband has definitely noticed a difference. I have gotten back into some cocktail dresses
that I wore when we first met 14 years ago. I feel like I’m more youthful than I was then even. I
feel like I’m sexier, and it’s very nice. He’s getting back the woman he met.”

Shawna B.

“I feel like I’ve done what people think is impossible. That’s because it feels impossible when
you’re in that prison of needing to lose weight. Wearing fat is not comfortable, you know? When
you sit down and everything scrunches together, it’s not cute and it’s not comfortable. And I
want to be cute and comfortable… and healthy and happy. I have two little kids running around
that keep me busy, I’m starting a business and now because of PACE Express, I can easily fit in
12 minutes a day to work out. I was 47 pounds heavier when I started this program. I was a little
scared because I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it. But you work at your own heart rate, your
pace. And then you move up. With PACE Express I’ve lost 47 pounds of fat, seven inches off
my waist, 12 inches off my hips, and six inches off each thigh. Now I have energy to put towards
my, my little ones that I wouldn’t have had before. You can get a workout in 12 minutes. I’ve
done it. I’m the proof. Look at me. I look great!”

Terri L

“I’m not quite sure what happened but I got pretty inactive. Started gaining five here, five there,
five more, five more. So at 55 years old, I’m 250 pounds and it’s ruining me. It seemed like I had
tried everything and I didn’t know what else to do. When I started the PACE program, the most I
could do was walk 45 seconds, and that was my exertion. Just plain walking for 45 seconds.

Within the first two weeks, my energy level was crazy. It was just crazy. That was really the first
thing I noticed, was how I felt. I felt just so good, so energized. With PACE Express, I lost 98
pounds of fat. I had just busted into a size 22. As of yesterday, I wear a junior size 11. I mean
I’m proud of the transformation. I’ve gone backwards, in years. I’m strong like I was … in my
teens and 20s. You know people around me my age, even younger, talk about getting old, and I, I
have to be honest. I tell them. Not me. I’m getting younger.”

Stats: Lost 98 lbs.

From size 22 to size 11