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Doctor-Designed Fitness Program
Burns Up to 9X More Fat Than Traditional Cardio


is all
it takes


Minutes is
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Those who struggle with losing fat, feeling energetic and looking their best .. can finally rejoice. While treating thousands of patients at his anti-aging center in Palm Beach, Dr. Al Sears MD, CNS, encountered case after case of disappointment and “work-out fatigue”. His easy to use PACE Express program was personally developed to restore youth, energy and vitality.

Dr. Sears gained world-wide attention by busting the biggest fat-loss lies. As a board-certified clinical nutritionist, strength coach, ACE-certified fitness trainer and author, Dr. Sears new approach to helping people get back to their native health focused on using PACE principles. These principles stunned the fitness and anti-aging world with a new solution that.

P.A.C.E. Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion

Forget the idea that more is better when it comes to exercise. Now you can get the leanest, fittest body you’ve ever had by doing the opposite of what most “fitness experts” recommend.
PACE Express is a doctor-designed fitness program created to give you maximum fat-loss by getting you out of the cardio “fat-burning zone” and into Progressive Dynamic Muscle Sequencing so you can ignite your “after burn” and burn fat for up to 24 hours after you stop moving. Even while you’re sleeping.
Every time you do a PACE Express workout, you’re progressively challenging your body so you can get maximum results. In fact, in the time it takes you to warm up with traditional cardio, you’re already done with your PACE Express workout for the day. PACE stands for progressive accelerated cardio exertion.

The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution Now On Demand

Burn Up to 9X More Fat
Anywhere, Anytime You Want Using Your Computer, Phone, or Tablet.

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The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution

Dr. Sears designed PACE Express to give you maximum fat-loss results in only 12 minutes a day. The reason it’s superior to other programs is that it’s progressive. That means that every workout is different and you’re progressively challenging yourself to get maximum results. It’s the fastest, most effective workout program on the market. P.A.C.E. has received world-wide recognition as a more effective, more exhilarating path to a stronger heart, robust lungs and a naturally lean and effortlessly energetic body. Plus a Bonus DVD with routines targeted for specific body areas such as buns, abs and thighs.

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P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution

P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution shatters all the myths and misconceptions about health, aging, and fitness.

So throw away your jogging shoes, cancel your aerobics class, and say goodbye to hours of long, tiresome workouts. Then round up all your “diet” books and toss them in the garbage…

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Can I mail a check or money order?2019-07-12T14:24:00-04:00

PACE Express Customer Support
11905 Southern Blvd
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

Is the Pace Express Program sufficient enough to lose weight2019-07-12T14:23:42-04:00

Pace Express will help you to accelerate your fat loss if you follow the program as recommend. You will see dramatic changes within 2 to 3 weeks

Can you complete the program more than once a day2019-07-12T14:23:22-04:00

Sure – but it’s not required. The exercises and the way you’re doing them will allow your body to continue to burn fat for hours after you exercise.

Should the program be completed in the morning or afternoon2019-07-12T14:22:53-04:00

One of the benefits of the program is that it’s on your schedule – whenever you’ve got 12 minutes to spare.

Is the program suitable for someone that is vegan/ what foods do you recommend for vegans.2019-07-12T14:22:35-04:00

The program doesn’t require a special diet; however, with any weight-loss program, a high-protein, good fat diet is recommended. The bonus materials you receive will give you some great vegan alternatives to the traditional proteins.

Should you take any additional supplements for weight loss while completing the program.2019-07-12T14:22:06-04:00

Additional supplements are not required with the program, but Dr. Sears gives some great recommendations for healthy eating and dietary supplements in the bonus materials.

Is the program suitable for someone with knee problems.2019-07-12T14:21:52-04:00

Each week’s DVD has 3 levels of workout – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. The Beginner level is very low impact. And because of the money-back guarantee, there’s no risk to trying it.

What payment methods do you accept?2019-07-12T14:21:33-04:00

We accept credit card payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Orders are also accepted via mail with payment via check or money order.

Need Help or Questions after I get my order2019-07-12T14:21:00-04:00

You can contact Dr. Sears’ Customer Support toll-free at 866-792-1035 (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM Eastern Time) or send an email to support@alsearsmd.com

Do you ship internationally?2019-07-12T14:20:42-04:00

Yes – all packages are sent by International Mail.

What is your return policy?2019-07-12T14:20:01-04:00

Dr. Sears stands behind all his products 100% — if it doesn’t work out for you for any reason, you just contact the Customer Support department and they’ll take care of you.

Do You Have Express Delivery2019-07-12T14:19:51-04:00

I’m sorry, we are not offering express delivery at this time.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Order2019-07-12T14:19:26-04:00

Orders will ship by the US Postal Service and will take 3-10 days depending on your proximity to Connecticut.

Is there really a Dr. Sears?2019-07-12T14:19:08-04:00

Yes – Dr. Al Sears is an integrative M.D. with a flourishing practice in South Florida. He specializes in wellness and anti-aging programs and sees patients from all over the world.

I’m already in great shape. Will P.A.C.E. benefit me?2019-07-12T14:18:50-04:00

Yes. Even if you’re physically fit, your heart and lungs still may not be in the greatest shape. By doing the PACE Express program, you’re still going to increase their efficiency.

Do I need to follow a special diet?2019-07-12T14:18:26-04:00

There is no special diet required – there is included; however, a jump start program that was very successful in the test subjects

Does it really take only 12 minutes a day?2019-07-12T14:18:07-04:00

It does! You’re doing three four-minute sets, so that’s 12 minutes of exertion. In the beginning it may take a little longer between sets because your heart and lungs need to learn how to do this. When you’re in your exertion zone, your heart is pumping good and strong – then you need to recover… let your heart rate return to normal. After you do this for awhile, the time between exertion and recovery will shorten… you’ll be doing your workout in minutes.

How does PACE Express work?2019-07-12T14:16:33-04:00

Instead of spending 45 minutes on a treadmill… going until your legs feel like rubber… you’ll do a set that is 4 minutes long, with your heart pumping good and strong. We call that your exertion zone. After that set is over, you’ll spend a minute or so in the recovery zone – getting your heart rate to come back down. You repeat that process two more times.

I’m really out of shape – can I do this ?2019-07-12T14:15:28-04:00

We always recommend you consult with a health care provider before starting any new exercise program.

Can I do PACE Express if I’m pregnant ?2019-07-12T14:15:02-04:00

You’d want to check with your OB/Gyn before beginning any new exercise program.

Can kids do P.A.C.E.?2019-07-12T14:14:31-04:00

Absolutely … it’s a great program for any age.

Do I need special equipment for PACE Express?2019-07-12T14:14:13-04:00

No – PACE Express is a series of progressively challenging workouts, each one working you a bit harder and differently. The program has six weeks worth of workouts with 3 levels on each, so its 18 different workouts, plus a bonus disc.

Are there other costs associated?2019-07-12T14:13:52-04:00

No – you’ll get everything you need in the package.

What’s Included in the Pace Express Program?2019-07-12T14:13:01-04:00

1. 6 Workout DVDs
2. 1 Bonus DVD featuring Abs workout; Hips, Buns, Thighs workout; Stretching; and a 12-minute interview with Dr. Al Sears
3. PACE Express Calipers
4. Dr. Sears’ Gourmet Cookbook
5. Dr. Sears’ Report, “7 Steps to High Speed Fat Loss”
6. On the Go Nutrition Pocket Guide
7. Dr. Sears Six Week Anti-Aging Plan
8. Bonus Report: “6-Day Kick Start Your Fat Loss”
9. Free subscription to Dr. Sears’ Doctor’s House Call advisories
10. Free subscription to monthly Health Confidential e-magazine
11. Free 30-day membership to the PACE Power online community

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