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Forget the idea that more is better when it comes to exercise. Now you can get the leanest, fittest body you’ve ever had by doing the opposite of what most “fitness experts” recommend.
PACE Express is a doctor-designed fitness program created to give you maximum fat-loss by getting you out of the cardio “fat-burning zone” and into Progressive Dynamic Muscle Sequencing so you can ignite your “after burn” and burn fat for up to 24 hours after you stop moving. Even while you’re sleeping.
Every time you do a PACE Express workout, you’re progressively challenging your body so you can get maximum results. In fact, in the time it takes you to warm up with traditional cardio, you’re already done with your PACE Express workout for the day. PACE stands for progressive accelerated cardio exertion.

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PACE Express creator, Dr. Al Sears, MD, spent over 20 years perfecting P.A.C.E. to give you maximum results in only 12 minutes a day. The secret behind P.A.C.E. is its one-of-a-kind accelerating progressivity that takes your fitness to the next level, regardless of your current fitness level.
I got out of shape when I had my kids. I had my kids when I was 20 and 22 years old. I’m too
busy to do an hour. I tried to do an hour for many years and it just doesn’t work like that. With
PACE Express I was able to lose a total of 22 pounds, seven inches off my waist, five inches off
my hips, and I went from a size 13 to a size three. Now I look at those size 13s and I can’t
believe they used to fit me tight. I feel like I’m 20 years old. And I’m just ready to live my life!
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P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution

P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution
P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution shatters all the myths and misconceptions about health, aging, and fitness.
P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution
So throw away your jogging shoes, cancel your aerobics class, and say goodbye to hours of long, tiresome workouts. Then round up all your “diet” books and toss them in the garbage…

Kick Start Your Fast Loss in just 6 Days E-Book

Get ready for rapid results in your first six days!
  • Find out how to take immediate action and start seeing results!*
  • Follow the six-day quick-start nutritional guide and workout plan for rapid fat loss.*
  • Learn Three Critical Keys to Success to guarantee your results.*


This 4-part bonus DVD includes:
  • Express Hips, Buns & Thighs workout
  • Express Abs advanced toning workout
  • Fit & Flexible stretching workout
  • 12-Minute Fitness Revolution, an exclusive interview with the creator of P.A.C.E., Dr. Al Sears, M.D.

Your 6-Week Anti-Aging Plan E-Book

Dr. Sears shares his anti-aging strategies for building a healthy, youthful life
Inside you’ll discover how you can:
  • Preserve your youth by understanding how and why you age
  • Lengthen your life safely with five winning anti-aging strategies
  • Enjoy your favorite foods and activities… and still burn energy like a teenager
  • And so much more!

Doctor’s House Call

Take Control for Your Heath with Dr. Sears’ Daily Advisory, Doctor’s House Call

Dr. Sears knows the best way to ensure quality in your health care is for you to be in control. In his daily health advisory, he’ll personally show you a whole new perspective on natural health solutions and alternative treatments to help you live a longer, more active, and happier life.