In 12 Minutes, Miranda Kerr Stays In Model Shape With Dr. Sears’ PACE Express

In an interview in SELF Magazine and on FOX News, Miranda Kerr credited Dr. Al Sears’ PACE Express program with helping her keep her model figure and look her best in just 12 minutes a day.

“Star Jumps” help Victoria Secret model and actress, Miranda Kerr, maintain her model body and look the best she can. She revealed this as part of the 12-minute, Dr. Al Sears’ PACE Express program she follows to keep in shape. Miranda described the Dr. Sears’ PACE Express Fitness Program during an appearance on FOX News and in an interview in SELF Magazine.

“I try to do this little power-workout DVD – PACE Express by Al Sears, M.D. – four times a week.”, Miranda explained. “You do moves such as lunges, squats and star jumps. It’s only 12 minutes, so it’s definitely attainable. And you feel like you’ve had a good workout afterward.”, she added.

Dr. Al Sears, renowned anti-aging pioneer and creator of the PACE Express fitness program, called in from an alternative medical research mission in Africa. He expressed his delight and gratitude that Miranda would give his PACE Express Fitness Program credit for helping her keep her fantastic figure. “I’m pleased she finds P.A.C.E. so fun and effective. I spent over 25 years researching the science behind it.”, Dr. Sears said. “After over 10 years and working with thousands of patients at my center for health and wellness in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, I have put together the concepts of P.A.C.E.. It is wonderful to hear that such a high profile person endorses the system and uses it with such impressive results.”

In the interview, Miranda Kerr discussed “Star Jumps” which are part of one of the P.A.C.E. workouts where an individual Progressively Accelerates Cardiopulmonary Exertion. (P.A.C.E.) “You start in a crouched position with your hands hanging down, and then you spring up as high as you can and throw your legs and arms out as far as you can.”, she described. “At the height of your jump, you become a 5 point star, and then you land and do it all over again with more intensity.”, she explained.

“Like Miranda, people tell me they love P.A.C.E. because they can either use their own body weight, or apply P.A.C.E. to any other workout, so it keeps it fresh and fun.”, Dr. Sears said. “We’ve found in testing that most people make the fastest progress with three sets of about 4 minutes each- including recovery time. But even just one set still produces benefits and you can vary it however you like, as long as the total exertion time doesn’t exceed 12 minutes – and, you progressively increase the challenge as it becomes easier for you.”

Dr. Sears created P.A.C.E. so that people can use these scientifically proven methods to reprogram their metabolism to burn off excess fat and get fit in just 12 minutes a day. By working out with intensity followed by recovery, it triggers an afterburn that continues to burn fat, even while resting, for up to 24 hours. PACE Express is designed to accelerate fat loss and build heart strength and greater lung power faster than can be accomplished using long periods of cardio or lifting weights.