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P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution

Aerobics and Cardio Are DEAD!

P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution shatters all the myths and misconceptions about health, aging, and fitness.

P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution

So throw away your jogging shoes, cancel your aerobics class, and say goodbye to hours of long, tiresome workouts. Then round up all your “diet” books and toss them in the garbage...

Now YOU can get your hands on the same patented, easy-to-learn program that:

P.A.C.E. Print Book
Price: $39.95

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P.A.C.E. Audio Book
Price: $29.95

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P.A.C.E. eBook
Price: $19.95

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P.A.C.E. Heart Rate Monitor

P.A.C.E. Heart Rate Monitor

The P.A.C.E. Heart Rate Monitor is the perfect companion piece for your P.A.C.E.® program. It makes your workout easier by doing all the thinking for you. It's like having your own personal trainer there to guide you through your workout.

Measuring your heart rate is critical to the success of your P.A.C.E. Program. Your heart rate gives a clear and accurate picture of your progress. It helps you ...

This easy-to-use heart rate monitor has everything you need to gauge your exertion levels and find out if you're reaching your supra-aerobic zone. In fact, has three different audible alarms (two visual alarms) that help you track your progress.

It's durable, lightweight, and comes with a chest trap and wristwatch. This is the best kind, because the chest strap rests right up against your heart, so you know you're always getting an accurate reading. All you have to do is look at your wrist, and everything you need to know is right there on your easy-to-read monitor. It's as simple as that.

The P.A.C.E. Heart Rate Monitor
Price: $69.95

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Dr. Sears' Extreme Fat Loss Technique Teleconference

Lose 4 Inches of Waist Fat in 3 Months Flat! On January 9th, 2007, Dr. Sears Revealed the Secrets that Turbo-Charge His Patented P.A.C.E.® Program for Fat loss...

If You Missed It, Here's Your Chance to Burn Fat Fast - You too Could Drop 37 Pounds in 3 Months... (and Keep it off for Good!)

Dr. Sears' Extreme Fat Loss Technique Is Now Available as a Rebroadcast...

Immediate Download
Price: $29.95

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High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps

Burn Fat without Dieting or Counting Calories

High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps - Burn Fat without Dieting or Counting Calories

Dr. Sears busts the biggest fat-loss lies in his latest release: High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps

Learn why:

High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps returns you to your native diet and makes hitting your ideal weight a sure thing.

Dr. Sears uses these same techniques to slim down his patients. With amazing results... Many patients make double-digit drops in their first month: 12, 18 even 22 pounds of fat loss in the first 30 days!

Within minutes you'll put these easy-to-understand principles to work and effectively burn fat - even if nothing has worked for you in the past.

E-Book: Immediate Download (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
Price: $34.95

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DELUXE High Speed Fat Loss Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps

Our deluxe high-speed fat loss program for only $67.95 - a 39% discount off the regular rate of $112.70. You save over $44.

Package includes:

High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps - Burn Fat without Dieting or Counting Calories

Deluxe Fat Loss Edition
Price: $67.95

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